Mother Nature provides us with structured, crystal-informed water.
71% of the planet’s surface is water & the Earth is mostly made up of quartz.

All rivers & springs naturally flow over crystals & this is one reason why spring water is the best – it’s been energised by the crystalline crust.

The SHIFT bottle is a mirror of the planet’s essence – your personal sacred spring that you can carry with you wherever you go.

The human skeleton is a solid crystal that emits piezoelectricity, just like quartz does. And it’s surrounded by mostly water.

It’s crystal clear – the SHIFT bottle is a mirror & reminder of your own, true essence.

When we feed our body crystal – informed water, as nature intended, the water within our own body is able to use this coherent, harmonic energy to restructure itself into higher form.

S H I F T your water —> S H I F T your life.

S H I F T your vibration —> S H I F T your manifestation.


Their crystal infusion bottle allows the unique energetic vibration of your chosen crystal to revitalise your water, helping you achieve inner harmony & deeper hydration – one sip at a time.

Providing a fusion of science & spirit, heart & mind, body & soul into your daily routine – with the raw energy of Mother Nature.