To many of us contouring seems like a daunting task that we will never master the art of. It does get very intricate and complicated so I have figured out a simple yet effective way of contouring my face in 5 minutes.

Once you understand where the darker shades and lighter shades go it gets much easier to do and you can adapt the concept to the shape of your face. I basically work around these guidelines:

I first apply the darker contour in a shape of a 3 starting at my forehead hairline then in the hollows of my cheeks and then finishing along my jaw line. I do 4 dots along my forehead hairline instead of a solid line because it quickly becomes too dark.

Then I apply the lighter shade to the middle of my forehead, under my eyes and along cheek bone, down the centre of my nose and finish off with 3 dots on my chin.

I blend the dark first and then the light with a kabuki sponge and add some blush to my cheeks and voila!