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R 690
This Yoga Bra offers superior support and is our bestselling Yoga Bra. It has been inspired by my Brazilian friend Flaviana Kupczyk who believes all women should show off their beautiful curves, and even if they wear a vest or camisole over their Yoga Bra that they should still do Yoga with a Yoga specific Bra underneath to hold everything in place beautifully and without under wires. This top is STRIKING, Super Supportive and absolutely gorgeous on its own or layered under just about anything. We love to see it pop out of a low back top, like TT227, and can also be used as a bikini top. The Emana® converts our own body heat into far infrared rays and emanates them back to the body improving comfort during daily activities and delivering heightened sense of wellbeing. The prints have been purchased especially for Shakti Shanti to ensure it remains super exclusive.

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