R 1,300
GROUNDING • POWER • PROTECTION • STRENGTH • CONFIDENCE • STABILITY • RELEASE Smoky quartz is a powerful stone that emits a strong protective energy, by shielding against negative vibrations. A grounding stone, it has been known to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, self doubt and fear, by transforming these negative energies into positive ones. Smoky quartz is a stabilising stone, which instills security, confidence and inner strength within the user. The earthy coloured tones of smoky quartz reconnects one to the planet – bringing them ‘back down to Earth’ so to speak. Due to its anchoring energy, this stone helps one in their practical life & organisation, in their everyday enjoyment of life. This is the perfect elixir for someone looking to release what no longer serves them – so that they can step forward lighter, without draining baggage weighing them down. Just as this crystal is not light or dark, but somewhere in between, it helps to bring the user back to their own inner balance. Perfect for those that are feeling ungrounded, agitated, disassociated from their physical body and out of synch with their environment – this stone will calm and stabilise & help with the detox of unwanted energies from the physical, emotional and mental.

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