R 790
Your BLAST™ Daily Greens offers an array of high quality organic alkaline superfoods to assist the body to become oxygenated and improve overall health. Your Daily Greens contains many nutrients that help protect the immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria. With a high concentration of wheatgrass and Spirulina, both rich in cleansing chlorophyll and other antioxidants, this blend offers anti-inflammatory properties to protect against disease and enhance wellness long-term. 300g (30 x 10g Servings) One serving of BLAST™ Daily Greens contains: Organic Superfoods - Greens Blend: 2500mg Buffered Vitamin C: 1000mg Digezyme®: 50mg Lactospore® Probiotics: 17 Million CFU Fibregum™ Prebiotic Dietary Fibre: 5g Sweetened with stevia and coconut sugar

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