R 1,300
PURITY • CLEANSING • CLARITY • HEALING • POSITIVITY • WISDOM • HARMONY • CONNECTION Known as the ‘master healer’, clear quartz is the most versatile of all stones. It’s a powerful healing stone that can be used for physical healing, consciousness expansion and for unblocking/rebalancing all chakras. Since ancient times, it’s been prized by healers & scientists alike & has played a key role in mankind’s evolution. This crystal produces a field of healing negative ions which clear the surroundings & aura of the user, clearing out harmful effects of radiation as well as negative thoughts. Due to its many properties, quartz is widely used in our modern technology – these same properties of energy amplification, programmability & memory, make it the perfect stone for healing & manifestation – as it amplifies ones intentions. It breaks through blockages, helping energy to flow throughout the body & can connect one to their higher self, crystal clear truth & wisdom. This is the perfect elixir for someone looking to make some big magic in their life! For manifestation and an all-round energetic pick-me-up, look no further. The Master Healer has benefits for everyone and anyone, on all levels – emotional, spiritual, physical.

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