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LUCK • OPPORTUNITY • ABUNDANCE • OPTIMISM • NATURE • PROSPERITY • GROWTH • LOVE Aventurine is a special kind of quartz that’s known as the “stone of opportunity” & is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals – especially in manifesting prosperity & wealth. Its winning energy is said to align conditions in one’s life so that “opportunity” is inevitable. A stone of growth – aventurine encourages perseverance & motivation, optimism & zest for life – allowing one to move forward with confidence & to embrace change. This stone is a heart opener that can be used to attract more love in life. It’s green hues are associated with the Earth & it’s said to bring one back into alignment with nature, & her cycles. This is the perfect elixir for those starting out on new ventures & want motivation to go the extra mile, or for those looking to attract more opportunities into their lives. If you find that the daily grind has removed you from the pulse of nature, start sipping your aventurine elixir to bring you back into harmony with the Earth – also good for those who approach life from a very ‘mental’ perspective, this stone can connect you with your body’s intuition (nature), bringing you into balance. Aventurine elixirs are said to have anti-inflammatory effects that help with many skin conditions.