R 1,300
TRUTH • PROTECTION • METAMORPHOSIS • UNLEASHING POTENTIAL • AWAKEN THE WARRIOR WITHIN Amethyst harnesses the power of transformation & is a stone of spiritual growth, balance, patience & protection. It stimulates & purifies the mind, transmuting negative thoughts into positive ones. This includes the negativity of stress, anxiety, confusion, anger, mood swings, insomnia & fear. It calms & awakens the mind, bringing about clarity – making it a prized crystal for meditation. Amethyst is said to protect the user from harm, by transforming whatever energy comes its way into higher vibrational energy. This is the perfect elixir for someone looking to move beyond the material aspects of life & into the world of spirituality & consciousness. For someone starting off on their spiritual awakening or someone that’s already deep along their path – amethyst is the stone of higher essence that deepens one’s connection to their higher self. Because of its calming transformative energy, an amethyst elixir is great if you are looking to transform your inner world – into a more positive, peaceful and purified state.

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