Booty builder workout

I have been training for the past couple of years with one of Cape Town’s best trainers Neal Richardson at his gym called Mob Athletic. He does this workout and many other variations of it weekly with me.

Warm up:

We are looking to evelate the heart rate and activate the full lower body through a few different exercises.

3 rounds:

Bike 20 sec easy, 20 sec moderate, 20 sec fast

20 kb swings (heavy/chest height)

15 jump squats (squeeze the glutes as you jump) 10/s alternating curtsy lunges.

Keep on moving at a steady pace till you have completed all 3 rounds. 


A) Barbell back squat x 10 reps with a 2 sec pause at the bottom of the squat (strive for maximum depth while maintaining proper posture, make sure to use a heavy load for the 10 reps)

B) Stability ball curls x 10 reps into 10 reps stability ball bridges (2 sec pause at top of bridge)

*move straight from the squats into the ball work and then rest for 2 mins

Complete 5 sets of each.


A) Romanian dumbbell deadlifts x 20

B)Weighted jump lunges x 20

Move straight from the Deadlifts into jump lunges then take a 2 min rest.

Compleat 4 sets of each.


100 weighted step ups.

Use a box or step that is at least knee height and a load that should allow you no more than 30 reps in one go. 

Complete as quick as you can while maintaining proper technique

Neal’s Glute training tips:

1) Your glutes are your most powerful muscle so train them that way.

Use some heavy loads with compound movements.

2) Unilateral or single leg movements are really great for targeting glutes so make sure to include them in your glute/lower body workouts.

3) For better glute activation keep your weight towards the back of your foot and concentrate on moving through your hips and not your knees. Make sure your knees stay out online with your toes while squatting, don’t let them cave inwards. 

Put your mind in the muscle!