This is one meal I know my kids will eat any day of the week. It was passed down to me from the Nonna’s in my family and I have made minor changes along the way. This is always a winner (:

For the schnitzel:

Butterfly chicken fillets and leave to marinade in a mixture of egg and milk (I use 2/3 egg and 1/3 milk).

Toast bread until golden brown then blitz in a processor or a Nutri bullet to form bread crumbs. Add an equal amount of parmesan to the crumbs and season with Italian herb or fresh chopped parsley. 

Remove fillets from egg mixture and coat with parmesan crumbs. I double dip mine to make them extra crispy.

Fry the schnitzels in a combination of canola oil and butter on low heat until cooked through and golden.

For the chips:

Peel and chop the potatoes into thick or thin chips. Leave to soak in cold water for at least and hour. Remove from water and dry well. Heat canola oil in a large pot and cook chips until golden and crispy.