We are pretty much halfway through the National lockdown and it has provided us with a great height of seriousness when thinking of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be brutally honest, it’s a scary time to live in. However, if there is one thing I have learnt is to always look on the bright side. The world is at a standstill, almost as if it’s asking us to stop, look and reflect. Although chaotic, great things can come of this. This lock down has given us a chance to really dig deep into ourselves and the lifestyles we represent. So, staying within the spirit of all things positive; I am here to remind you why life during Lock down is not so bad. I have compiled a few things to keep you busy during this trying time and hopefully inspire you to keep your head up.



Not just anyone, call someone you have not spoken to in a while, perhaps it’s someone you have stalled long enough to apologize to or it’s someone you need to forgive. Have that heartfelt conversation and pour yourself out if you have to. You see, being cooped up indoors for days on end is actually quite difficult. During this unnerving time, make your mental health a priority as it reflects in your physical well-being too. Clear the air of any tension and come to peace with yourself as the first step to developing friendships and relationships as well as nourishing already existing ones.



And by exercise, I mean glow up. Now that we have worked on our mental health this is literally the time to get in physical shape and achieve that balance. You may be the person who used to complain about how little time you had, well there is lots of time now. Down dog, a highly rated yoga app in light of the quarantine taking place in the world is offering free access to all its fitness and yoga activities until the 31st of May 2020. I have included a link below. The app offers beginner classes all the way up to advanced classes. Remember to gear up well and look fabulous; take a look at some of the active wear that Toned has to offer.





Your diet contributes 70% to getting that toned body compared to the 30% ratio offered through exercise. I know lock down can be tempting into eating all the stuff that really does not benefit you but take it upon yourself to practice discipline. Discipline is a terrific investment that yields profitable results. By eating right, you will feel lighter, refreshed and motivated. Take the time to prepare new recipes and have fun with that. Check out our prior blogs to get inspired and if you really want to go out on a limb, I suggest supporting local and trying Ucook. Ucook is tailored to suit your lifestyle by providing you with meal kits and various recipes. There is always some excitement in attempting something new and now you can incite that from the comfort of your home.





Because there’s life after lockdown and you want to be on top of your game when your normal everyday life resumes. By waking up at a certain time, similar to the time you were waking up before the lockdown, eating at specific times and taking breaks when necessary enables your body clock to maintain a specific circadian rhythm.



It is pretty evident that this is a trying time for a majority of people and their livelihoods. Showing support in any way or form during these trying times can definitely go a long way. What may be small to you may mean the world to someone else. Let us remember regardless of how tough things are to be constantly and considerably kind, kind to ourselves and kind to one another. I have included a link below to Food flow, a campaign that seeks to provide food to communities that are unable to successfully source food for themselves during this time. If you can donate to this cause, you are already making a huge difference.




When this is all over, I hope we can all stand in solidarity and support each other. Support local and small businesses because the truth is we all need it. Here is to hoping we come out as better people after the lockdown.

– Barbara Musingarabwi

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